Sunday Scaries: Secrets to Help You Sleep Soundly

Sunday Scaries: Secrets to Help You Sleep Soundly

November 18, 2018

Sunday Scaries: the flood of daunting anticipation and anxiety that usually comes out of absolutely nowhere on the last day of the weekend. After a couple days spent relaxing and doing whatever our hearts desire- we are hit with a big fat MONDAY. To those who struggle coping with and managing these feelings, here are some tips to start your week off on the right foot.

Understand the feelings.

Understand a majority of your peers are feeling similar anxieties as Sunday passes by. Think about the number of weeks that have passed in your life- you’ve been here multiple times and have overcame every Sunday you’ve encountered. Realize that YOU’VE GOT THIS!

Prepare to lessen the anxieties.

The week will start smoother and you’ll rest better knowing you are prepared for the days to come. Your Sunday week prep will start the week off on an organized note. Some suggested tactics that might help you get a jumpstart on your week are…

Grocery Shop + Meal Prep

With a full fridge of food and meals ready to go, you will have a sense of calm knowing what you’ll eat for the week. The best meal prepping starts at the grocery store. Pick out 2 – 3 meals and a handful of snack items before heading to the store. I always aim to pick meals that use overlapping ingredients to maximize the grocery items.

Laundry Catchup

One of the best feelings in life is sleeping in clean sheets and knowing your favorite top is hanging in the closet ready to be worn. Use Sunday to catch up on laundry to avoid the frantic “What am I going to wear today?” feelings throughout the week.

Set Upcoming Week Goals

Preparing a list of weekly goals sets the tone for an organized, focused week. Write down the big and little things you’d like to accomplish by Friday.

Relax and calm the nerves before starting the new week. 

Take some ‘me’ time to find peace and comfort of the new week. Everyone finds relaxation through different avenues- some methods that have been proven to help are…

Work It Out

After a nice sweat at the gym, your endorphins will be high, and you’ll sleep better when it comes time to rest your head. It’s been proven time and time again that physical activity reduces anxieties and stress. Find what exercise works best for you and stick with it. A 10-minute walk can have equivalent benefits to that of a 45-minute strength routine depending on the person.


Find a quiet place and turn on a soft melody. The key to meditation is to clear your mind of all thoughts of worry and doubt. One of the best pieces of advice I received from a past yoga instructor is to acknowledge your thoughts and kindly dismiss them. This technique avoids using time devoted to meditate fighting off thoughts and ensures you can come back to these thoughts at a later time.

Avoid Caffeine

Avoiding caffeine will lower the chances of feeling anxious and will help you fall asleep faster. Caffeine is a stimulant that causes your body to respond in a “fight or flight” manner. It can cause thoughts to race, feelings of jitteriness and restlessness. If you can’t function properly without your daily Americano, try to have just one cup early in the morning.

Set (and stick to) a Bedtime

Be strict with your bedtime on Sundays. Rest is the best way to prepare for the busy week to come. Turn off technology an hour or two before bed to let your body know it is time for bed. If you struggle falling asleep, try diffusing or applying a light layer lavender to your neck.

Use one or combination of these strategies to lessen the stresses that come with a new week. Remember, you are capable of overcoming these feelings and rocking it through the week!

Comment strategies you use to overcome the Sunday Scaries.

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