Building Clientele Using Social Media

Building Clientele Using Social Media

November 26, 2018
Whether you are renting a booth, working for, or starting your own salon, social media marketing is key in building new and existing business. While marketing your services to the public it is crucial to keep in mind the two core elements of social media marketing: audience and content.


Content is key, but without a target audience in mind these posts will be lost among the endless posts of people’s children, dogs, and political opinions. To find your key audience, think through the potential clients you are attempting to attract. What services do you specialize in or want to grow in your portfolio? Who are looking for these services? Think through the age, gender, location, and interests of your target audience.

Once you solidify who you are looking to gain business from, you can ensure your social media efforts will be relevant for your audience. Here are some tips on capturing and engaging the audience you are targeting.

Use Hashtags

Be specific and precise when using hashtags. By using your location in the hashtag, you will be able to reach potential clients in your area searching for services.

Boost Posts

Boosting posts is a great option for those who are trying to grow business and grow it fast. If your audience is defined, you are able to input the demographics you are hoping to reach to get more use of your dollar. Check out a great resource on boosting content on Facebook here.

Engage with your followers

Once you have followers, it is key to continue interacting with them. Don’t leave them hanging when they comment or like your photos. A simple thank you for a compliment can be encouragement for them to book with you. Another way to thank your engaged followers is sending them a thankful direct message including a link guiding them to where they can book their next appointment with you.

Tag other accounts

By tagging related accounts, you will gain cross-exposure. This practice will allow you to be found on other accounts and ensure multiple sources of followers. A couple accounts that might be worth tagging are both the client and the salon account you are working with. When you take a photo of your clients’ visits, try tagging them to showcase your work to their followers- be sure to ask their permission before doing so. Tagging the salon you work with is a great way to reach a large audience if the salon is active on social media.


Relevant, rich content is important in catching your followers’ attention and further engaging them. Once you are receiving reactions on your posts, the algorithms will notice and further expose your content. To gain this exposure, follow some simple tips below…

Use high quality photos

There are multiple aspects that go into a photo that will catch the eye of your followers. First is lighting. Make sure you are taking photos in a setting that has a balance of light to ensure your photos aren’t too dark or over exposed. Next is background. Find a spot in the salon that is clean and simple. Remember the focus of your photo is your work or the product you are showcasing.

Photos of your work

Social media is one of the only sources of building your online portfolio. A great way to do this is to take before and after photos of your clients’ visits. TopKnott is a great place to build a portfolio of work for a targeted audience. Our robust algorithm will match you with clients that are searching for your services. Subscribe to our early-bird list for a chance to win a selfie ring light to help enhance your photos. We’ll drop you a note when your profile is ready to create.

Comment below what social media strategies have worked for you when building new business.

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