Holiday Salon Decor

Salon Holiday Decor Under $10

November 30, 2018
Ring in the holiday season by adding these affordable pieces to your salon reception area or vanity decor efforts! Mix and match to fit your decorating needs and make your customers feel cozy this holiday season.

Grab this cute lil’ guy on your next Target run to add a holiday flair to any combination you have on your vanity this season. For only $3, how could you resist?! It comes in three sizes varying in price to add dimension to the mix. 

Hobby Lobby is bringing you this distressed sign to add some color and JOY to your vanity or reception desk. We love this rustic piece and love it’s price even more! 

These battery-powered lights are a great reusable decor item that can really tie a look together. String through some garland or place in a glass vase to brighten up your space. 

What says Christmas more than a sparkly reindeer?! The answer is nothing. Coming in multiple colors, this piece is an elegant addition to any of your holiday decor efforts. 

Weave this silver ribbon with garland to add some sparkle to your vanity this holiday season. Ribbon is a much cleaner, classier way to add sparkle to your holiday decoration.

Comment your favorite holiday decor hacks.

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