How to Keep Clients Coming Back for More

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Keep Clients Coming Back

February 9, 2019

We get it – retaining clients can be tough, especially in an industry with so many options. Good news though, we’ve got you covered with some fool-proof tips! Here are some tried-and-true ways to keep your clients coming back for more. Hint: it’s all about engagement.

Feature their new style on your social media.

What better way to show your client how great their new ‘do looks than to feature them on your social media account? This suggests that you are proud of your work, and to a client, that means a lot. They are trusting your expertise and that you will make them beautiful. There is no better compliment than asking their permission to post some before and after shots on your page and hype them up! Get out the light circle and start a mini photo session.

Reward new clients.

Whether it be a monetary incentive or free products, everyone loves being rewarded. Offer new clients a reason to come and see you, work your magic, reward them and they will come back for more. Some ideas for incentive items include a dollar amount off their first cut or color, a popular must-have product that all new clients receive, or a gift card towards a product of their choice.

Offer a reward program.

Now that you have your clients coming back on a regular basis, thank them with a reward program. The reward program can include an incentive when they refer a client, a punch card based on services purchased, or for every specified dollar amount spent, they receive a gift. You can get creative with reward programs. Think about what you would like as a client and add a fun twist to get people excited.

Ask for their feedback.

Be genuine and explain that you are always looking to improve your technique and work. Ask if they would mind providing some honest feedback for you and that you appreciate all they have to say. If you don’t want to put your clients on the spot resulting in a potential awkward situation, ask them to fill out an online survey after their appointment. You can create free surveys online and give them the URL. To look really tech-savvy, you can even create a QR code online for free and give them a handout as they leave your chair.

Suggest the next appointment.

You’re the expert. You know how long it will be until they should come in for their next appointment and touch up their roots. Offer to have the front desk help them pre-book as they pay for today’s service. Personally, the main reason I take so long to get my hair done is because I forget to make appointments. This will ensure you have them scheduled again before they even leave the salon.

Stay in contact.

Build a relationship with your client. You’re probably already chatting about each other’s lives, so make it concrete by connecting with them on social media or exchanging numbers. Now you can reach out to them and ask how they are liking their new style. It will also strike a thought about getting their hair done again.

Host an event and encourage new guests.

Invite your clients to the salon after-hours. Make them feel like it’s an exclusive, invite-only event – because it really is! Offer raffles, some appetizers, wine and an educational demonstration for hair or makeup. You can even encourage them to bring a guest, who could be a new potential client for you. For every new guest, they can receive an additional raffle ticket.

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