Valentine’s Day Thought

Marisa Milton      

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Valentine's Day Thought

February 14, 2019

Valentine’s Day. For some, a time to dress up and eat a nice dinner with their significant other. For others, it’s a day created by companies to spike revenue. Either way, I am convinced it is a beautiful holiday (yes, even if there is no significant other in sight). Not often enough, in the busyness of our modern and chaotic lives, are we reminded to spread love. So this year and moving forward, I am vowing to use this holiday as a time to recognize and be mindful of my actions and words on a daily basis. Are they out of love? What actions can I take that are showing and passing love to those around me?

“All you need in the world is love and laughter.”

– August Wilson

If all we need is love and laughter to get by, shouldn’t it be Valentine’s Day every day? I know what some are thinking, “No, we do not need to be surrounded by cheap, sparkly hearts and sugary candy with gushy statements printed on them every day”. I am on board with that thought- the cheesiness of the holiday can be overwhelmingly gaudy, but it’s the concept I am referring to. I love the fact that every day we have the opportunity to wake up extremely grateful for what we have and to love those around us. I’m not sure we can convince our president to make this a daily national holiday, but I do challenge every person reading this to go forth thinking of every day as Valentine’s Day. Think of it as a beautiful reminder to love every day of the year equally. In an effort to keep this vow ongoing throughout the year, I bought a pack of sparkly heart stickers (because who doesn’t love stickers?!) and will place them where I might need a reminder- on my laptop, the cover of my everyday journal, my phone case. These hearts will be my daily symbol to take a moment, breathe, and move forward with love and kindness in all that I do. 

Love life, love those around you, and most of all love YOURSELF. You are beautiful.

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With love,

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