Hiring a Receptionist

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Hiring a Receptionist

February 19, 2019

Hiring a great receptionist is a difficult and extremely important task for any business. They are a customer’s first impression of the business over the phone and during an appointment, which means they have a large impact on customer retention.  First impressions happen within seven seconds, so your receptionist should have the following characteristics.


While interviewing candidates for a receptionist position, take note of their attitude and body language. Is it an attitude of joy and friendliness? You want to ensure the first impression from a visit to your business is positive and cheerful. Clients should feel welcomed when they arrive!


It will be important to hear about experiences of hospitality. While scanning resumes, look for work related to this trait (waiter/waitress, host/hostess, etc.). A receptionist should be the first person to greet incoming customers and the last to wish them a wonderful day while leaving. What feels better than a warm welcome and a cup of coffee offered as you wait? Answer: not much.

Problem Solver

“Tell me about a time you had to solve a difficult situation with a customer.” This question will give you an understanding of how the candidate analyzes and solves a problem. Quick thinking is required to solve problems with grace while keeping a customer calm and walking away happy.


Receptionists are responsible for scheduling appointments, making transactions, collecting money from customers, along with many other tasks. They have big responsibilities that can be crucial to the success of your salon. Before hiring someone, call their listed references to understand if you can trust this person locking up the salon or making appointments correctly.

I’ve heard the phrase “Director of First Impressions” to describe the title of a receptionist.  It is a fitting title for the person who owns the first crucial seconds of creating a positive experience for your customers. It will pay off to be selective in the hiring process for this position.

What are characteristics you look for in a receptionist? Drop them below!

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