How to Use TopKnott: A Quick and Easy Guide

Marisa Milton

Founder at TopKnott

How to Use TopKnott: A Quick and Easy Guide

April 27, 2019
Welcome to TopKnott! You’re on your way to filling your books and building salon clientele. Let’s set up your profile so you can start matching with more clients.

Ok I’m ready! Tell me how to get more clients in my chair.

Building your profile the right way can help you attract more clients and book more appointments. First, create your TopKnott account. Choose an email you check regularly for your login. You can also log in with Facebook.

Great! Now what?

Next, upload your headshot. Ideally, you should use a professional headshot here. But if you don’t have one, that’s okay, too. Just choose a simple photo of yourself that will serve as your calling card to clients. Here are some do’s and don’ts that can help when taking or selecting your photo:


  • Find a good light source—natural light is ideal.
  • Style your hair and makeup so that it shows off your particular skills.
  • Keep it straight-forward and simple with a clean backdrop.
  • Choose an outfit that displays your personal style.


  • Strike a difficult or unnatural pose.
  • Forget to smile! No matter your personal style, clients always want to work with someone who is approachable.
  • Overly edit your photo. Your clients want to see the real you: No Snapchat filters needed!

Cool. This seems pretty straight-forward.

It is! Now it’s time to tell us where you are so clients can find you. If you work at multiple salons—or rent a chair at different places—select the location you use most frequently. This is also where you’ll list when you are available to work so clients know when they can book with you.

Education and experience—what specifically should I include?

Where did you go to school? Where have you worked? What additional training or courses have you taken? You might talk about your time working in boutique salons, or a past apprenticeship. This is also where you’ll want to connect your social media accounts and any other websites that show off your skills.

Got it. What’s next?

Now it’s time to get down to business. Select the services you offer and list what you charge for those services.

You mentioned I’d get matched with my perfect client. How does that work?

That’s the last step! By telling us about your ideal client, we can pair you with our users and create a match. Are you a curly hair pro? A fan of working with short hair? There’s also a place where you can pick a few adjectives that describe your working style, from chatty to edgy. How do clients describe you?

Alright, my profile is set up. Do you have any tips for new hair stylists on how best to communicate with clients?

TopKnott allows you to chat directly with prospective (and current) clients and answer questions without giving away too much personal contact info. This simplifies your first consultation with a client. To make sure you start off on the right foot, here are some guidelines to follow:

Try to respond to clients in a timely manner

When someone’s trying to set up an appointment, respond as soon as you can to set a firm date and time. That said, we know you’re on your feet all day working—not on your phone. Fortunately, communicating via TopKnott as opposed to a personal cell number gives you a little leeway on just how quickly you’ll “need” to respond.

Answer any questions they may have

Help clients choose from different services if they are apprehensive or have questions about something. Building a potential long-term client relationship starts now—so let your clients know you’re there to help.

Make clients feel comfortable

Right off the bat, you should help clients feel comfortable to earn their trust. Once you meet them in person, ask them questions to get to know them. Listen to what it is they truly want out of their service today: a new change, a fresh start, or the chance to let a new part of their personality shine through.

Can I use TopKnott to communicate with current clients?

Yep. You can message clients that are TopKnott users at any time. This comes in handy when you or a client need to change or cancel a booking.

I’d love to save this on my phone’s home screen. Possible?

Definitely! Here’s how you do it (for iPhone users):

  • Open Safari and go to topknott.com
  • Press the “share” button on the bottom of your browser
  • You’ll see a list of options: choose “add to home screen”
  • TopKnott will then appear as an icon, similar to an app, on your phone.

I need more reviews, but asking seems weird.

Yeah, it can be awkward. But with TopKnott, you can actually request reviews pretty seamlessly. After you’ve had an appointment with a client, check in on them to see how satisfied they were with their service. Let them know how much you’d appreciate a brief review. The more reviews you have, the more prospective clients will want to book with you.

Any last tips?

Spread the word that you’re part of the TopKnott community! Using #TKBeauty on social media can help you connect with others in the Twin Cities beauty industry.

We’re so happy to be part of your business growth. Stay tuned for tips, resources and guides on the blog.

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