7 Marketing Ideas to Get New Clients

Taylor Hugo


7 Salon Marketing Ideas to Get New Clients

May 11, 2019

You’ve graduated. You’re talented AF. You have everything you need to succeed in the beauty industry and transform people’s lives. But none of that matters without this one simple ingredient: having enough clients to sustain your business. Clients are a stylist’s not-so-secret to success, and you need a full roster of new and repeat business to thrive. Whether you’re just getting started or you’re looking to attract more business, these seven marketing ideas will help you build and keep clientele.

1. Create your account with TopKnott

Think of it like a dating service for the salon industry: Set aside some time to create a profile with your services, pricing and a gallery of your signature work.

Once your profile is created, TopKnott’s algorithm will start working for you—no swiping left or right required! TopKnott will connect you to clients who match your style and personality. Once you’ve been matched, you’ll be able to message with your clients to find out what they’re into and how you can help them look and feel their best. Are they looking for a big, dramatic change, or just a bang trim? What’s on their stylist wish list—someone who specializes in specific textures or a pro they can trust to push them out of their comfort zone?

This is essential in establishing long-lasting relationships with clients. It gives them a good feel for who you are and the confidence to book an appointment with someone new. Check out our guide for more information on how to get the most out of your account.

2. Build your Instagram following

With more than 1 billion users, Instagram is perhaps the best (free!) way to reach a large audience, especially in such a visual industry like beauty. Stylists and other beauty professionals can use Instagram to inspire, connect and show off their skills. But it’s only an effective tool if you know how to harness its brand- and community-building power. Here are some tips to start building your following:

Profile: If you haven’t already, switch your profile to a business account. This will enable you to track engagement, as well as add call-to-action buttons for tasks like contacting your salon or booking an appointment.

Photos: Before-and-after client photos are a beauty pro’s bread and butter. Use a variety of images to keep your page fresh and exciting. In between envy-inducing curls and colors, promote events or contests at your salon, highlight new products, or share beauty tips. Use the same filter or a palette of similar colors on all posts for a cohesive look.

Hashtags: These allow people to find your posts by searching popular phrases. Aim for a mix of specific and broad hair salon hashtags to attract as many eyeballs as possible—for example, #minnesotasalon (3,740 posts) and #twincitieshair (6,288 posts) with #hairgoals (8.4 million posts) and #beauty (307 million posts). And use #tkbeauty to connect with others in the TopKnott community.

Stories: Give followers a peek at the person behind the account with regular Instagram stories. Record hair tutorials, host live beauty-related Q&As, and even create polls to get feedback from existing and potential clients (i.e. “What’s your favorite summer hair trend? Ombre or Balayage”), this will also help you plan your posts based on what your followers are (or aren’t) looking for.

Schedule: Major brands post 1.5 times per day on average, but the best schedule is one that you can stick to—say one post per day around 10 a.m. Consistency is key; over time, followers will come to expect your posts and anticipate content you regularly feature.

3. Create a Facebook Page

Along with your TopKnott profile and gallery, having a strong social media presence in addition to Instagram is important. Make sure you have a Facebook page that offers another way to promote your work on a platform with billions of users. Helpful items to include are:

  • A gallery of images that display your best work
  • A list of services and prices
  • Contact information and your availability
  • A website URL (your TopKnott profile would be great)

4. Print business cards

From your biweekly barre class to your morning coffee-shop run, you never know where you might meet your next potential client. Don’t underestimate the power of being able to place something tangible like a business card in their hands. And don’t be shy to encourage happy clients to take and share a few of your cards each time they visit. This will keep you top-of-mind every time prospective and existing clients open their wallet. Make sure to include the basics:

  • Name and phone number
  • Salon address
  • Area(s) of expertise
  • Social media handles for access to your portfolio

5. Start a referral program

How many times have you asked for input from friends and family before making a purchase or trying out a service? People do the same thing when searching for a new stylist or beauty pro. After you’ve built up a rapport with your clients, mention that you reward referrals. For example, if they refer a new client to you, the new customer and the existing one might both receive a discount on their service.

6. Ask for reviews

You’ve done great work. Now, let others unabashedly gush about it! Your best customers will be happy to tell the world about their new ‘do. Ask every client who sits in your chair to leave some stars and good words on TopKnott as you grow your business. To make the process as convenient as possible, follow-up after the appointment with a direct link to the review page on your TopKnott profile and a sincere thank-you to them for helping spread the word about your work.

7. Get out there

You are your own best marketing tool, so make sure you identify your strengths and be prepared to talk up your salon or your individual specialties whenever you get the chance. Attend industry events, take advanced education classes or offer side hustle services for wedding parties or neighborhood offices. All of these strategies will help put your name in front of people who may be searching for a new stylist just like you.

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