Ambassador Content

Ambassador Content

Posting original, relevant content isn’t easy. We’re here to help- you are free to use any examples to promote your TopKnott account. 

“A lot of clients ask me about my prices. Check out my TopKnott profile to see my pricing.”

“Find me on TopKnott to see my latest work and leave a review!”

“My TopKnott account is a great place to start when you have questions! It lists my services, pricing, availability and more! Check it out and message me if you are wondering anything else.”

“My TopKnott profile is now live! Link in my bio to check it out.”

“Want to know how people feel after leaving my chair? Check out my reviews on my TopKnott profile.” 

“Wondering when I am in the salon? My TopKnott profile lists the hours I am in!”

“Have you been in my chair before? Tell others about your experience on my TopKnott account”

“Balyaging is my favorite service to provide, but I offer many more services! Check them all out in my TopKnott profile.”